WARNING! *This product features of a soft style holster that is designed for universal fit. Several makes and models of handguns have no safety feature. Thus, these firearms have been known to accidentally discharge in soft or flexible holsters. It is recommended that you use some type of commercially available KYDEX Trigger Guard in conjunction with this or similar products. An example of these would be the BASTION KYDEX TRIGGER GUARD.*


The use of thermal technology has exploded in the predator and hog hunting industry. There is a clear advantage with its application in the field. While we do offer a Thermal Chest Pack, we know there are hunter who prefer not having a chest pack. The Thermal Pistol Fanny Pack is the answer! It offers four separate compartments, each specifically designed for predator and hog hunters. The two main compartments, each having their own separate heavy duty zipper, measure 11 inches wide and 6 inches from top to bottom. These are made to hold scanners, lights, and e caller remotes. The two smaller pockets, each located on the end of the pack, measure 6 x 3 inches. Having heavy duty metal zippers as well, these compartments can hold hand calls, extra batteries, car keys, ammo, and licenses. The pack features a fully adjustable 2 inch waist band that has a heavy duty buckle. Designed for high speed/low drag quick deployment, the Thermal Pistol Fanny Pack will be a must have!

Finally, there is a universal quick release ambidextrous holster that rides center on the back side of the pack. It is sized to fit 95% of all current semi-auto pistols on the market. As a warning, we do not recommend carrying a loaded pistol in any soft cased holster! That includes this model of pack, any other of our other pistol packs, or those of other manufacturers!

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Reese Thermal Pistol Fanny Pack

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