Bustin Fur Audio LLC, Professionally recorded and edited animal sound files for calling Predators and Prey!

BFA has been recording sounds since 2015 and strives to provide top quality audio files that produce results. No sounds are released until they have performed by calling in our intended targets!

Listen to our many sound samples provided and buy with confidence. Our sounds have been used across the United States with continued success.

Bustin Fur Audio has phased out the IcoTec exclusive encryption. All sound files are now available in .wav format making them compatible with most major brand electronic callers.

Be-aware that if you bought encrypted files before this switch over, they will still be available in your account.

Thank You for visiting Bustin Fur Audio LLC! JD Piatt

Current Available Audio Sounds

BFA Antagonizer
BFA Baby Bandit
BFA Baby Beaver
BFA Baby Blackbird
BFA Baby Bunny
BFA Baby Crow
BFA Baby Robin
BFA Baby Starling
BFA Baby Trash Panda
BFA Bachelor Howls
BFA Barkn Howln
BFA Bean Howls
BFA Beans Challenge
BFA Bear Jr
BFA Bear Pup Howls
BFA Bitch Howlin
BFA Black Bird
BFA Blonde Chick
BFA Blue Bird Distress
BFA Blue Jay
BFA Breeding Spat
BFA BT Combo
BFA Bully Pup
BFA Bunny Brawl
BFA BushHog Bunny
BFA Canadian Geese Flying
BFA Canadian Geese On Pond
BFA Chicken
BFA Coaxer
BFA Cottontail Fever
BFA Coyote Barking
BFA Coyote Challenge
BFA Coyote Chirps
BFA Coyote Group
BFA Coyote Invite Howl
BFA KiKi Pup Howls
BFA KiKi Pup Lone Howl
BFA Coyote Lone Howl 1
BFA Coyote Lone Howl 2
BFA Coyote Love
BFA Coyote Pup Chaos
BFA Coyote Pup Distress
BFA Coyote Pup Group Howl
BFA Coyote Pup Howl
BFA Coyote Pup Lost
BFA Coyote Pup Panic
BFA Coyote Pup Squalls
BFA Coyote Puppies
BFA Coyote Puppy Rally
BFA Coyote Puppy Spat
BFA Coyote Rumble
BFA Coyote Serenade 1
BFA Coyote Serenade 2
BFA Coyote Whimpers
BFA Coyote Yips
BFA Daffy Duck
BFA Death Kiss
BFA Dirty Bird
BFA Dominant Pup
BFA Double Trouble Bunny
BFA Excited Tazzy Howls
BFA Fawn Bawls
BFA Fired Up
BFA Fiesty Howls
BFA Food Fight
BFA Frantic Cardinal
BFA Frantic Red Fox
BFA Frantic Sparrow
BFA Frantic Starling
BFA Frantic Woodpecker
BFA Frantic Wren
BFA Gitn Jiggy
BFA Git_n Nasty
BFA Grackle
BFA Ground Squirrel
BFA Hanky Panky
BFA Howdy Ho Howls
BFA Howl Off
BFA Jr Cottontail
BFA Killdeer Distress
BFA Koda Beans Duo
BFA Lil Sassy
BFA Locator Howl
BFA Lover Talk
BFA Mad Flicker
BFA Male Coyote Howl
BFA Mayhem
BFA Moto Pup Cries
BFA Moto Pup Howls
BFA Nasty
BFA Nasty Wren
BFA Newborn Coyote Pup
BFA Pack Howl
BFA Peeper
BFA Pissin Match
BFA Pretty Boy Howl
BFA Pup Brawl
BFA Pup Chatter
BFA Pup Duet
BFA Pup Fight 1
BFA Raccoon Cub
BFA Raccoon Distress
BFA Racket
BFA Red Bird Frenzy
BFA Red Fox Distress
BFA Red Fox Warning Barks
BFA Red Head
BFA Remo Pup Distress
BFA Remo Puppy Howls
BFA Robo Bunny
BFA Rodent Distress
BFA Scooter Bunny SS
BFA Screamin Beans
BFA Screamin Goat
BFA Screamin Pecker
BFA Screamin Red Fox
BFA Smoke
BFA Social Chaos
BFA Spazz Bird
BFA Spazz Rabbit
BFA Stubbed My Toe
BFA Squeaky Rodent
BFA Squealin Bunny
BFA Squirrel Panic
BFA Squirrelly
BFA Super Lonely
BFA Taz Pup Howl
BFA Taz Spazzin
BFA Tazzy Beans Duo
BFA Tazzy Howls
BFA The Boss Pup
BFA The Boss
BFA Thunder Howls
BFA Tiny Pup Distress
BFA Turf War
BFA Turkey Poult 1
BFA Turkey Poult 2
BFA Way Cool Jr
BFA Whistle Pig
BFA Whitetail Fawn
BFA Woody
BFA Yodeler